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LUVETT stands for premium toilet seats in many colors and shapes - Designed in Germany, made in EU.

LUVETT toilet seats solve many problems that are usually associated with the procurement and assembly of toilet seats. High-quality materials and durable components characterize LUVETT toilet seats. The 3in1 assembly set made of stainless steel enables assembly on any common toilet ceramic and guarantees a long service life.

At LUVETT, the best technologies and materials that can be expected from a premium toilet seat are used. SoftClose® for gently lowering glasses and lids protects the toilet seat, ceramics and nerves. The TakeOff EasyClean® removal makes it easy to remove the toilet seat for easy, quick and thorough cleaning.

The LUVETT toilet seat will be delivered in a hygiene pack via DHL within a few days. If the customer is not satisfied with the seat, he can return it for up to 100 days.

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