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Dieses Programm wurde am 01.02.2017 beendet.

Beschreibung und Teilnahmebedingungen

You belong to the men and women who focus on your clothing?
Then you are exactly right at Fashion Boulevard. Whether business style, or rather casual for a relaxing evening. We have exactly the right outfit for you.

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

Shipping costs within the EU and Swiss are offered by Fashion Boulevard, the delivery time by DHL is 3 - 5 business days.

The shipping costs outside the EU are 75 €, the delivery time by DHL is 5 - 10 business days.

As a webmaster you can earn money with Fashion Boulevard, just sign up to our affiliate program.

We reward every order that is generated through your affiliate link with 10% from order total.

    How it works:
  • Register now for free to our affiliate program
  • Choose from a wide range of promotional materials ideal for your website.
  • Earn percentage with every order, which is triggered on Fashion Boulevard using your affiliate link embedded from your site.
  • For advertising media banners and product images can be used.
    Your advantages:
  • Free registration, free participation
  • No sales targets, there is no risk
  • 10% remuneration
  • Free promotional material
  • Contact person


maximal erreichbare Provisionen bei Fashion Boulevard UK:

Event Lead Sale
Sale - 10,00 %
Bedingung Nutzung Anmerkung
SEM nicht erlaubt
Cashback nicht erlaubt
incentivierter Traffic nicht erlaubt
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Ø Warenkorb bei ADCELL: 80.00 €


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