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Verkauf Bestandskunde - 7,50 %
Verkauf Neukunde - 12,50 %
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Sanct Bernhard Sport EN

For years, Sanct Bernhard Sport, formerly “Aktiv³ – Das Fitnessplus”, have supported mass sports, competitive sports and top-class sports athletes in obtaining numerous national and international championship titles, podium places and personal best times with the most comprehensive sports nutrition and body care range. The athletes trust in the high standard of quality and benefit from the intelligent composition and convincing compatibility.

With its continuous and unique innovations, Sanct Bernhard Sport supplies the sports world in a targeted and sustainable way. All developments take place in close contact with selected professional athletes and their high demands are always at the focus of our work.

What distinguishes the extensive sports nutrition and body care product range?

  • Compatibility: Ideally suited, even for sensitive digestive tracts.
  • Innovation: Professional and progressive due to continuous innovations.
  • Quality: High-quality ingredients and unique composition.

Your earning potential:

  • 7,5% per existing customer sale
  • 12.5 % per new customer sale
  • average shopping cart of € 45.

Individual agreements on the terms and conditions are possible.

Your benefits:

  • low cancellation rate
  • customised advertising materials on request
  • mobile-optimised advertising materials
  • Available promotions:
    • offers of the month
    • 2 for the price of 1 promotion
    • welcome gift for new customers
    • credit note for recommending a friend at a value of € 10 for both the recruiter and the newly acquired customer
    • bulk discounts

Contact person and contractual partner:

This affiliate programme is managed by interface medien GmbH who is also the affiliate programme’s contractual partner and will hereinafter be referred to as the merchant. You can contact us at: or directly via the contact form (when logged into your account).

Conditions of participation of the Sanct Bernhard Sport affiliate programme:

1. Conditions

1.1 The commission shall amount to 7.5 % per sale for an existing customer purchase and 12.5 % per sale for a new customer purchase. The remuneration for the advertising service shall be paid after the customer purchase is completed (pay per sale). The merchant shall reserve the right to negotiate individual commissions.

1.2 In general, sales shall be settled every 14 days. Otherwise, the affiliate network’s auto-confirmation period for sales shall apply.

1.3 The commission shall be cancelled in the following cases:

  • if the customer withdraws from the sales contract and/or sends back the goods, provided Sanct Bernhard Sport is not responsible for this.
  • if the customer’s payment fails, again provided Sanct Bernhard Sport is not responsible for this.
  • if the order to be remunerated has been made with false information (“fake order”).
  • if the publisher’s advertising service violates the conditions set out below.

1.4 The merchant shall reserve the right to reclaim commissions that have already been paid if a violation of the conditions set out below is determined.

2. Requirements for publishers

2.1 All potential affiliate sites/communities/sub-networks must provide a detailed imprint, as well as a functioning contact page. 

2.2 The publisher website’s imprint must comply with the requirements of the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty (RStV).

2.3 The publisher shall be the operator of the affiliate site, i.e. the same person/company must be registered as publisher on the affiliate network and the imprint on the partner site.

2.4 Pure link farms shall not be accepted as affiliate sites.

2.5 Programme operators shall avoid the following topics when advertising their programme: content of a racist or extremist nature, content that incites hatred, glorifies or incites violence, pornographic/erotic content, content that is defamatory toward people on the basis of their origin, religion or sexual orientation, as well as illegal content.

2.6 Publishers shall generally only be accepted as partners within an affiliate network.

2.7 Publishers who do not meet these requirements shall not be accepted or shall be deleted.

3. Publisher activation

Publishers activation shall generally take place within a maximum of 14 days after application.

4. Cookies

4.1 The merchant uses a tracking filter, which operates on the principle of “last cookie wins”.

4.2 If the publisher is remunerated according to the number of new customers/first-time buyers acquired, the following additional rules shall apply: new customers/first-time buyers are customers who newly register in the online shop prior to making a purchase. 

4.3 Furthermore, in addition to the affiliate network’s terms and conditions, the merchant shall prohibit any form of cookie dropping or cookie stuffing.

5. Use of advertising materials

5.1 The advertising materials made available by the merchant may not be altered or used by the publisher in any form other than depicted.

5.2 The advertising materials provided by the merchant may only be used for the intended purpose (for example, it is not permitted to use an advertising banner in an email).

5.3 The advertising materials provided by the merchant may not be de-linked from their assigned URL.

5.4 The publisher is free to contact the merchant if any additional/different advertising materials are desired.

6. Use of product details

6.1.The product details provided by the merchant may not be used on any price search engines/portals on which the merchant is active themselves. These are:


The merchant must be contacted if there is any doubt.

6.2 The publisher is obligated to update the product details provided by the merchant on a daily basis.

7. Coupons/voucher marketing

7.1 No vouchers are permitted except for those issued through the affiliate programme.

7.2 Exceptions to this are vouchers, which refer to online shop promotions, for example new customer promotions or price discounts such as two products for the price of one (2 for 1). All vouchers must have a clear and comprehensible design, and it must be clear that these vouchers do not grant a general discount but refer to special promotions at the shop.

7.3 The publisher is prohibited from using their own vouchers, which do not comply with the conditions described here or are grossly misleading. 

8. Retargeting/post-view

Publishers who use retargeting or post-view to advertise the affiliate programme must obtain the merchant’s express written consent.  

9. Bonus & cashback communities

9.1 The respective community shall be responsible for all technical requirements and the maintenance thereof. The merchant shall merely ensure the transfer of the tracking code in accordance with point 4.1. In particular, it shall be the community’s responsibility to provide its members with comprehensive instructions to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

9.2 In the event of requests for retrospective commission, the following points must be observed:

  • Requests for retrospective commission must always be submitted to the merchant through the network.
  • Sales shall only be considered if the following information is provided: first and last name, sale ID and amount.
  • Sales shall only be considered if they are no more than two months old.
  • Requests for retrospective commission may only be submitted once a month.

9.3 If more than 10 % of sales require retrospective commission, the merchant must be provided with a test account in the cashback community for verification.

9.4 Communities which fail to comply with or do not provide a test account shall be excluded from the affiliate programme.

10. Prohibited advertising methods

The advertising methods defined below shall be prohibited for this affiliate programme as a matter of principle:

  • SEA/SEM: It shall be prohibited to advertise the affiliate programme using Google Ads or similar.
  • Brand bidding: It shall be prohibited to place keyword-related advertisements in Google, Yahoo/Bing or other providers, using (search) terms and texts which constitute parts of the company name (brand bidding). This shall also include typographical errors or any alternative spellings of the company name.
  • Forced links
  • Ebay marketing

11. Liability and contractual penalty

11.1 The publisher’s warranty and liability shall be subject to statutory provisions. The publisher shall also be liable to the merchant for any damages incurred as a result of a culpable breach of the publisher’s obligations pursuant to the publisher’s contract with the affiliate network. 

11.2 The merchant shall be entitled to a contractual penalty of € 2,500.00 for every breach by the publisher of the obligations set out in clauses 4.3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 of these conditions of participation. This shall exclude the principles of continuation of offence.

This shall not exclude the assertion of further or more extensive claims. The contractual penalty shall be offset against possible compensation.



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