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For more than ten years we have been one of the most reliable partners in Germany and Europe when it comes to your projects with pipes and pipe connectors . In our online shop you will find a comprehensive selection of various steel pipe connectors, all of which are of course TÜV-certified .

Our tube connectors have a diameter of 21.3 mm, which is perfect for particularly strong connections with a screw load of six hundred kilograms and a torque of 40 Nm. The pipe connectors are fastened with an Allen screw. In this way, any construction can be perfectly implemented, regardless of whether it is sophisticated or rather simple - the possibilities are almost endless, since the selection of different types of pipe connections makes everything possible quickly, it does not matter whether you work with aluminum pipes or galvanized steel pipes, as long as the appropriate diameter is maintained.

Take a look around our site to get a good overview of what's possible with tube connectors.

Our comprehensive range not only offers steel tubes, aluminum tubes and TÜV-tested tube connectors. You will also find a large selection of hooks, tensioners and castors as well as connectors (tube clamps, fittings, etc.) for your project.

We deliver directly to private and business customers via our online shop. Your advantages as a publisher:

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* ONLY discount & voucher campaigns made available via ADCELL may be advertised. Expired discount & voucher campaigns must be deleted immediately (within 24 hours) - the reference to "expired" is not sufficient. All voucher publishers only reimburse transactions in which a valid voucher code was used by ADCELL. If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always available via the ADCELL contact form. We look forward to a good and successful cooperation! Your Tubefittings team


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