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Garden design is not just about creativity and physical work. To be sure that fences,walls or even raised beds serve long, garden enthusiasts should only rely on high quality materials and experienced producers.

For more than 60 years, has been offering gabions in Germany. also designs and manufactures customized baskets for individual garden design, in addition to the standard solutions, such as fences, columns and also cultivation baskets.
Only high quality materials are used, which guarantee long lasting and high resistance to weathering and environmental influences.

In our online shop at you will find various types of baskets and examples of custom-made products. The baskets are available in various designs.

We ship the orders from 55 GBP value free of charge (for the first purchase with a value under 55 GBP;we ship at a cost of 5.10 GBP).

As a partner of we offer you 8.00% commissions and 90 days Cookie-Lifetime. 

We would like to point out that the sales prices already include the shipping costs. Visit our shop for more information.


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